What is the Best Hand Sanitiser to Protect Against Coronavirus?

Over the last 18 months, we’ve all become accustomed to the process of properly washing our hands. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us have been diligently washing our hands on a more regular basis, and a bottle of hand sanitiser has become commonplace in our homes, handbags and cars. 

Along with masks and social distancing, using hand sanitiser has become one of our most common weapons to combat coronavirus. There is a wide range of hand sanitisers out there, all of which offer varying levels of protection against coronavirus. 

We’ve put together a guide outlining the best hand sanitisers to keep you, your employees and clients safe.  


How do Hand Sanitisers Kill Coronavirus?

By now, you’re probably aware that there are two types of hand sanitiser: soap and alcohol. Both can help protect against coronavirus. COVID-19 is known as an enveloped virus, meaning that its genetic material is made up of a fatty layer known as a lipid. 

Both types of hand sanitiser target the lipid, but they do so in slightly different ways. Soap sanitisers dissolve the lipid layer, causing the virus to fall apart and making it unable to bind to our cells. 

Alcohol-based sanitisers also target the lipid, breaking down the layer to stop the virus from working effectively. It’s worth noting that scientists have established that the alcohol content of a hand sanitiser needs to be 60% or higher for it to work against coronavirus. Sanitisers that have a lower concentration of alcohol should be avoided.     

Hand sanitiser doesn’t always work as well if you have particularly dirty, sweaty or greasy hands, so be sure to use plenty if this is the case for you. Also, be sure to cover the entirety of your hand(s) during use.  

The Best Hand Sanitisers to protect against Coronavirus

The high street has a whole host of hand sanitisers to choose from, and we’ve selected some of the best types to look out for as you’re browsing the shelves:

  • Carex hand gel – Perhaps the most recognisable hand gel brand, Carex also has the highest alcohol content of any of the main brands with 70%. All of Carex’s products have been tested against different types of coronavirus to determine their effectiveness. As well as tackling viruses, they’re also antibacterial. 
  • Cuticura hand gel – This gel contains 66% ethanol, making it a good product when it comes to dealing with coronavirus. While you may notice it says 57% on the packaging (lower than the recommended 60%), you don’t need to worry. This relates to its value by weight and when converted, it equates to 66% ethanol by volume – making it safe to use.
  • Dettol hand gel – Coming in at 63% ethanol, Dettol’s hand gel is just over the limit to stop COVID-19. It‘s also been designed so it doesn’t leave a sticky after layer on your hands after use.
  • Dove shea butter and warm vanilla hand sanitiser – If you’d prefer a soapy sanitiser, then this offering from Dove is one of the best. More of a nourishing lotion compared to a traditional sanitiser, it can still deal with coronavirus while leaving a warm yet soft feeling on your hands.     


Envirotec Hygiene Services Hand Sanitisers 

While the options above are all worthwhile, if you work in or own a commercial, industrial or non-residential property, then the hand sanitisers that we supply at Envirotec Hygiene Services are the way to go. They contain 75% alcohol, more than the best high street brand, showing just how effective they are at protecting you, your staff and clients from coronavirus. If you’d prefer, we can also provide an alcohol-free option that is just as effective.   

As well as the sanitiser itself, we also provide hand sanitiser dispensers that can be mounted to your wall and easily changed, giving people a quick and easy way to stay on top of their hand hygiene. If you’re concerned about sustainability, then we have that covered too with our hand sanitiser refill service. When you’ve run out of sanitiser, we can simply top up your supply into an existing container. 

If you’re based in Sheffield, Leeds or Nottingham and require hand sanitiser services, contact Envirotec Hygiene Services today.