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Commercial Nappy Bins

Clean, safe collection and disposal of used nappies

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Nappy Bins & Nappy Disposal

If your premises offers baby changing facilities, then nappy disposal systems are crucial. Those changing the nappies shouldn’t have to carry around soiled ones with them when they go, so commercial nappy bins should be in place. For environments like nurseries, pre-schools and daycare centres, there will likely be a lot of nappies to be changed, so the correctly-sized nappy bins are required in order to handle the usage.

Nappy Waste Disposal

Envirotec Hygiene Services can provide nappy waste disposal services and nappy waste bins in a variety of sizes, with volumes ranging from 240 litres to 1,100 litres. We also offer a nappy collection service in combination with our commercial nappy disposal, whereby one of our team will empty your nappy bins and clean the now-empty bin with antibacterial cleansers. If you’re in need of means to contain the used nappies, we also offer yellow nappy sacks to house the waste in.

For more information about our work as a nappy waste disposal company, simply get in touch with us today. We serve customers across Sheffield, Leeds, Nottingham, LeicesterDoncaster and Rotherham, and there’s no better disposal company in Yorkshire and the East Midlands.