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Commercial Incontinence Pad Disposal & Bins

Collection and disposal of incontinence pads

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For nursing homes, adult-care centres and care homes, there is an obligation to dispose of incontinence pads hygienically and carefully. Envirotec Hygiene Services can supply and deliver commercial incontinence pad bins for commercial premises that need them across Yorkshire and the East Midlands, including Sheffield, Leeds, Nottingham, LeicesterDoncaster and Rotherham.

We offer incontinence pad bins in multiple sizes, from 240 litre capacities to 1,100 litres. We can also provide incontinence pad collection from your premises, doing so in a discreet and careful manner so as not disturb your daily operations. Upon emptying your bins for collection, we’ll also clean them with antibacterial cleansers, so they stay fresh until the next incontinence bin collection.

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