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Cleaning services

Our team at Envirotec Hygiene Services are leading suppliers of professional cleaning services, providing a wide range of cleaning options to domestic and commercial properties across Nottingham, Sheffield, Leeds, LeicesterDoncaster and Rotherham.

From regular visits to your home to extensive deep cleaning services of your business, our friendly and dedicated team has established itself as one of the best in the business, leaving our customers satisfied time and time again.   

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Commercial Bathroom Supplies

Commercial Toilet & Washroom Deep Cleaning

Regular cleaning of toilets and bathroom areas is hugely important – especially for commercial properties. At Envirotec Hygiene Services, we provide thorough professional cleaning services of these areas, concentrating on the removal of germs and bacteria. 

Our deep cleaning services of commercial toilets and washrooms will focus on all areas of the room, including sanitising surfaces, toilets, urinals and sanitary ware. 

Scene Cleaning

Our professional cleaning services extend to trauma scene cleaning. We understand that crime scenes, traffic accidents and other trauma environments can be distressing for all involved. 

This is why, once it’s ready for deep cleaning services, we take great care and attention to treat the scene with sensitivity as we go about our work. Our team of expert technicians will use specialist cleaning techniques and decontamination methods to restore the scene, making it safe and minimising the risk of infection.       

Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning

At Envirotec Hygiene Services, we provide deep cleaning services for commercial kitchens across Nottingham, Sheffield and Leeds. From floors to walls and kitchen equipment, we’ll have every part of your kitchen looking its best, ridding it of grease, oil and other unpleasant substances generated in a commercial kitchen environment. 

Plus, we’ll ensure that your kitchen is fully compliant with all the relevant food safety and hygiene regulations. 

For more information about our professional cleaning services, get in touch with Envirotec Hygiene Services today.

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