Sharps Containers & Sharps Disposal

Disposing of sharp waste requires a level of care and attention beyond what is usually required needed when disposing of normal waste. Those handling the waste must take great care to not harm themselves or come into contact with said sharps, as they may be contaminated in all manner of ways, as well as the risk of cuts and scratches.

Sharps Waste Disposal and Collection

From hospitals and doctors’ surgeries to tattoo studios, plenty of environments use sharp needles and blades, and they need to be disposed of in the correct manner. Envirotec offers sharp waste disposal and collection services, as well as sharps bins and disposal units that are specially designed to safely house these items until they are ready to be collected.

If you’re in need of sharps containers or you’d like a trained, trusted team to collect and dispose of your waste, all you need to do is contact us today. We serve Sheffield, Leeds, Nottingham and the entirety of Yorkshire and the East Midlands, so we’re perfectly placed to help you.