Urinal Flush Valves & Control

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Urinal Flush Valves & Control

Keeping costs down where possible is a task that owners and managers of commercial premises face on a daily basis. There are plenty of ways to do so, some more well-known than others, but one such method that may fall under the radar is reducing the amount of water wasted by flushing toilets. Flush control systems are incorporated into the urinal water supply, where they eliminate unnecessary water wastage by setting limits on the frequency at which a urinal is auto-flushed.

Our urinal flushing systems are produced by SensaFlush, which aims to reduce water consumption by up to 90% through the use of motion detection and ‘active’ and ‘idle’ periods. Your urinals will only be flushed when necessary, and this will save you significant amounts of money on your water bills.

For more information about our urinal flush timers and automatic urinal flush control, please contact us today. We serve Leicester, Doncaster and Rotherham, as well as Yorkshire and the East Midlands.

Urinal Sanitisers For Sale & Rent

Urinals can be the source of unpleasant odours, but with urinal sanitisers, the odours are neutralised and your bathroom will be more appealing to use. At Envirotec, we supply urinal accessories, including:

  • Urinal sanitisers
  • Toilet seat sanitisers
  • Cistern sanitisers
Flush Control System

We also supply automatic urinal sanitisers, and our dispensers can be set to timers to suit your requirements, including start and finish times, days on and off and also frequency settings to manage the usage during your busiest periods. If you are running low on sanitiser, we also offer urinal sanitiser refills to keep you topped up and your washrooms smelling fresh.

If you’d like to know more about our urinal dispenser services, and if you’re based in Yorkshire or the East Midlands, get in touch with us today. We serve both of these regions from our Sheffield, Leeds and Nottingham branches, as well as LeicesterDoncaster and Rotherham.


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