Sharps Disposal

It is incredibly important to dispose of needles, blades and other sharp objects in a completely safe way to ensure the health and well-being of anyone handling the waste or coming into contact with it. As a result, and as comprehensive suppliers of an extensive selection of hygiene products and services, we provide clinical waste containers to a host of environments which handle the dangers of sharp object and needle disposal.

Whether you manage a hospital or doctor’s surgery, dentist’s surgery, veterinary practice or tattoo and piercing parlour, we supply a wide range of sharps bins which keep your employees, visitors and clients safe from injury and infection.

Our industry-leading products are delivered directly to your property and comply fully with all necessary UK regulations. Our expert team can also service the products for you to ensure that they are of the highest possible quality.

So for cost-effective, superior standard products and exceptional levels of service delivered to you by complete professionals, give us a call at Envirotec today!

needle disposal & sharps bins


Envirotec Hygiene Services Ltd are able to offer a range of sharps disposal services. Call us NOW on 0114 358 6178 to discuss your requirements.