Hygiene and Washroom Services

If you are looking for professional, cost-effective hygiene services in Leeds, look no further than the specialists at Envirotec. As comprehensive suppliers of an extensive selection of hygiene products and services, we are the professionals at washroom and business hygiene, and supply and maintain an impressive range of products.

Whether you manage an NHS facility and need to arrange sharps disposal and clinical waste disposal, run a restaurant and require kitchen deep cleaning, or are a stressed landlord in need of an efficient house cleaning service, we can be of assistance and guarantee exceptional levels of service and consistently low prices.

Hygiene and Washroom Products

We take care of every aspect of your business or public property’s hygiene facilities, including a complete washroom service, and supply a wide variety of hygiene and washroom products, such as:

  • Sanitary bins and disposal
  • Incontinence pad bins and disposal
  • Nappy bins and disposal
  • Condom vending
  • Tampon vending
  • Toilet roll dispensers
  • Towel dispensers
  • Soap dispensers
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Urinal flush control
  • Hand dryers
  • Air fresheners
  • Baby changers
Envirotec Hygiene Services Ltd

Our industry-leading products are delivered directly to your premises, where they are serviced by our experts to ensure that they are of the highest possible quality and fully comply with all necessary UK regulations. So to ensure an environment which is clean, safe and completely welcoming for guests, clients and employees, get in touch with the team at Envirotec today!

Envirotec Hygiene Services Ltd

Cheaper, Better.

With Envirotec, you'll never have a better Hygiene service provider. Our staff will deliver a level of work that will be unsurpassed and cost-effective.