Hygiene Products

Here at Envirotec, we are comprehensive suppliers of an extensive range of hygiene products and services, including an impressive selection of washroom and hygiene supplies. Whether you manage a restaurant or hotel, own a shop or retail outlet or are in charge of a clinical environment, such as a hospital or dentist’s surgery, it is incredibly important to have high quality, effective washroom products to ensure the safety, comfort and satisfaction of your visitors, clients and employees.

Our wide range of washroom supplies includes soap dispensers, towel dispensers and hand dryers, toilet roll dispensers, baby changing tables, vending machines, sanitary bins and various sanitizers and deodorising sprays. Our highly experienced team work closely with you to tailor-make a washroom package which accurately meets your needs and reflects your individual requirements, granting you complete peace of mind that your washroom facilities are of a high quality and comply with all necessary regulations.

We can also help with all your clinical waste issues and house cleaning problems. Simply get in touch with the professionals at Envirotec today!.

Hygiene Services


Envirotec Hygiene Services Ltd are able to offer a wide range of washroom services. Call us NOW on 0114 358 6178 to discuss your requirements.